Quality Assurance Unit

The Institute has established a Quality Assurance Unit. The essence is to monitor and improve the quality of input, processes and output of the Institute. It also acts as a mechanism to guarantee that the Institute is fit for purpose and in tune with the times.  It also ensures the following:

  • Value for money – measured by achieving more with less in an efficient manner.
  • Transformation – from one state to another with value-added activities.
  • Perfection – perceived as the attainment of a near flawless product, service and system.
  • Excellence – viewed as the attainment of exceptionally high standard product, service and system.

The Quality Assurance Unit is an integral part of the Rector’s office and is headed by a Director. There are also Quality Assurance Representatives from every School and Department working with the Director to achieve the unit’s set goals. The Director, Quality Assurance is the chairman of the implementation/monitoring committee for the strategic plan of the Institute.