The National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) has introduced an innovative online program, allowing holders of Higher National Diplomas (HND) to elevate their qualifications to Bachelor’s degrees in just one year. Collaborating with accredited foreign universities, this initiative offers HND holders a convenient pathway to progress academically, bypassing the traditional requirement of a one-year Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) for entry into Master’s programs. The program aims to tackle historical challenges such as the undue necessity of a PGD and the persistent prejudice of presenting initial degrees even after achieving advanced doctorates.

The online top-up program, easily accessible at https://topup.nbte.gov.ng, facilitates a direct route for HND holders to enhance their qualifications, eliminating unnecessary barriers. To address National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) mobilization issues, NBTE has launched a dedicated HND admission portal that exclusively showcases accredited programs. This step ensures that only eligible candidates are mobilized for NYSC service, preventing unauthorized admissions.

In an additional stride towards parity, NBTE appeals to the President to support a bill aimed at eliminating the longstanding disparity between HND and BSc qualifications in the public sector. This progressive move seeks to abolish the unjust discrimination against polytechnic graduates and elevate the status of HND holders. NBTE emphasizes the vital role of HND holders in driving Nigeria’s industrialization and contributing essential skills for national infrastructure development.

In conclusion, NBTE’s comprehensive initiatives are geared towards resolving historical challenges faced by HND holders, providing them with a streamlined path to higher qualifications, addressing persistent NYSC mobilization obstacles, and advocating for equal treatment of polytechnic graduates in the workforce.

For more details, please refer to the original article: https://pacesetterfrontier.com/2023/08/14/nbte-launches-online-programmes-for-hnd-conversion-to-bsc-in-one-year/.

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