Department of Banking and Finance

The Department of Banking and Finance is one of the foremost departments in the institute. It is housed in the School of Financial Studies. The department aims at inculcating professional training and ethics of banking and finance education into our students in order to make them resilient and committed professionals. In today’s heavily monetized world, finance remains a core resource for the sustenance of human and corporate life. With it, economies (locally and globally) seek to standardize and optimize through banking and allied intermediating mechanisms. Driven by this imperative, the Banking and Finance Department of the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, through its programmes, is strategically involved in the breeding of highly skilled and well-rounded banking and finance professionals, emphasizing information and communication technology (ICT) compliance, entrepreneurial self-reliance and civic relevance.

The mission of the department is hinged on the provision of value-adding experiences to our students, positioning them properly to contend with the complexities and dynamics of the banking and finance industry, and the economy as a whole. To provide our students with education benchmarking the highest international standards in the area of banking and finance remain the department’s drive. Our graduates will become financial sector specialists who are needed to improve the management of private sector financial institutions as well as to design the financial and monetary policies in public sector institutions such as the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank.

The department has qualified, responsible and dedicated staff.