Language Studies

The department of language studies is one that deals with the nitigrities of languages. Not limited to just the lingua franca, the department looks are the indigenous languages, their syntactical make up and other aspects. The department has MBAEZE, Stella Chinyelu as the Head at the Department of Language Studies. She is versed in the language skill so much she secured various honours in the sphere which include a B.A. Linguistics/Igbo Language, B.ED. English Education and M.A. Applied Linguistics. As a lecturer in the department of language studies, her duties include teaching students assigned to her, assessing them by giving them assignments, quizzes, term papers, set exam questions, mark and guide the students. As Head of the department, she carries out administrative duties and supervise her colleagues. She is a member of ASUP, CONSULTANCY, IMT Sisters, Writers Club and WITED. She is usually available during the hours of 8:00am to 4:00pm. She is quite accessible either via mobile (8037937490) or via mail (