Legal Studies Department

The Legal Studies Department is a service department. Its primary function is to teach borrowed law courses to all the departments (from ND to HND final students) that must take the relevant departmental staff law courses before graduation. Currently, the department is headed by Barr. Okey Okoh with 10 regular lecturers and 9 part-time lecturers. The department has four non-academic staff.


These law courses are taken by some departments as follows:

  • Principles of Nigeria Law for various department in National Diploma 1;
  • Company law for HND 2;
  • Law/Ethics of Banking for Banking and Finance HND classes;
  • Business law for Accounting, Banking and Finance, Insurance and Marketing classes;
  • Co-operative law/legislation for HND 1;
  • Insurance liability for ND and HND classes;
  • Labour law for HND, and ND 2;
  • Land law for Estate Management students;
  • Life Insurance and claims for final year students of the Insurance Department;
  • Banking laws and regulations for ND students of Banking and Finance;
  • Legal aspect of purchasing for HND II purchasing students;
  • Food legislation, factory and safety for HND II Food and Technology students;
  • Arbitration law/award for Estate Management students;
  • Bankruptcy/Executorship for Accountancy students;
  • Constitutional law for Public Administration students;
  • Legal aspect of marketing for Marketing students;
  • Contract law/Arbitration for Quantity Surveying students;
  • Property law for Estate Management students;
  • Administration law for HND Public Administration students;
  • Compulsory acquisition/Compensation for Estate Management students;
  • Contract law/Tort for Estate Management students;
  • Law and ethics of mass communication for ND 2 Mass Communication students.