Being successful is everyone’s desire. It does not matter whether the concerned person (s) is a child, youth or aged. It is an inbuilt desire to be successful and move forward consistently towards higher attainment.

The mentality of competing with one another can frequently be noticed at schools, sports competitions, work fields including organizations, offices, etc. However, in our efforts to achieve success, we often expect too much from ourselves and similarly desire to win too soon.

If this does not happen, we often get frustrated and sometimes get deeper into the darkness of inferiority. Such a situation is noticeable among people whose regular and dedicated efforts have been ignored while their tiny failures are exposed.

Several such examples are found all over the world. Most iconic personalities or organizations have previously faced serious failures in their lives’ struggles. Yet, they persisted and finally achieved their goals – undeterred by caste, creed, religion or color.

At the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu, the story is not different. The last seven years or more have witnessed tremendous growth in terms of human and material development. There is a large gap between what existed prior to 2016 and now in 2024. From 2016 when the administration of Professor Augustine Uchechukwu Nweze began, there has been great improvements in the fortunes of the Institute. The massive infrastructural developments brought into IMT, have presented staff and students with an ideal environment for teaching and learning. A look at the environment shows that the infrastructural deficit prior to 2016 has been substantially overcome.

But, because we are not perfect, our desire for the right change is limitless. Success always looks ahead of silly excuses and puts itself ahead of created misconceptions. It is the result of key determination and concentration while working steadily toward the target.

In view of the above, the Institute is poised for the change it desires. His Excellency, Dr. Peter Ndubisi Mba has set a standard for the Institute in line with the vision of his administration which is to make Enugu State the most viable investment destination in Nigeria and by extension the entire West African Sub – Region. IMT Enugu cannot be missing in this attractive process.

Therefore, in line with the Report of the Panel of Inquiry into IMT, the Institute’s Management has taken bold steps to ensure that the change IMT desire and the future it seeks are prioritized.


The Institute has established a Quality Assurance Unit. The essence is to monitor and improve the quality of input, processes and output of the Institute. It also acts as a mechanism to guarantee that the Institute is fit for purpose and in tune with the times.  It also ensures the following:

  • Value for money – measured by achieving more with less in an efficient manner.
  • Transformation – from one state to another with value-added activities.
  • Perfection – perceived as the attainment of a near flawless product, service and system.
  • Excellence – viewed as the attainment of exceptionally high standard product, service and system.

The Quality Assurance Unit is an integral part of the Rector’s office and is headed by a Director. There are also Quality Assurance Representatives from every School and Department working with the Director to achieve the unit’s set goals. The Director, Quality Assurance is the chairman of the implementation/monitoring committee for the strategic plan of the Institute.


The Institute has equally set up the Student Support Unit (SSU). The creation of the SSU became necessary to enable students to cope and to help them overcome traumatic experiences which may affect their general academic pursuit or their total well-being. It is designed to cater for educational, vocational, personal, social, psychological, emotional and mental health challenges of the students. SSU is where the interests of students are prioritized.

These services are necessary in order to assist students to clearly define and actualise their personal, social, academic and occupational goals by providing group and individual services. These services are modelled to stimulate intellectual growth and emotional comportment as well as foster personal development goals. These goals can be attained through effective communication, leadership, interpersonal and social responsibility and other relevant skills which can be achieved through either individual or group counselling.

SSU will engage in services such as guidance, career counselling, marriage and family counselling, rehabilitation counselling, substance abuse counselling, educational counselling, emotional counselling and mental health therapy. The duties enumerated above continue to task counsellors, leading them to continually evolve therapeutic methods and processes to address the urgency of the varying situations presented before them. These services are accessible at SSU for students.


Further, the Institute has also established the IMT Consultancy Ltd and IMT Printing Press. All these are geared towards enhancing internally generated revenue for the Institute. The IMT Consultancy Ltd as a corporate personality, can do business in its name and make profit for the Institute. In view of the current socio-economic realities, the Institute is continuously seeking other avenues to make money in other to meet its financial obligations since government subventions is inadequate for all its needs.


Beyond serving as a source of income, the fundamental reason for setting up the IMT Bookshop is to ensure that books that are sold are rich in terms of content and production quality. The sale of substandard books is highly prohibited in the Institute. Therefore, the only way to guarantee that, is to ensure that books are sold centrally from the bookshop. It is now mandatory that all books must be peer reviewed for it to be accepted for sale at the Institute’s Bookshop.


The Institute has concluded arrangements to set up a Career Service Centre. Three staff of the Institute were nominated and trained last year in readiness for the centre. The training was organized and sponsored by TETfund which has provided fund for the establishment of the centre.

By establishing a Career Service Centre, the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu desires to enhance the employability of its graduates and strengthen its reputation as a Centre committed to producing thorough-bred and skilled graduates.

The proposed Career Service Centre will provide comprehensive career development services to students, focusing on areas such as career counselling, job placement, internship opportunities, resume building, interview preparation, and networking.

These and many more have been put in place in the Institute within the last six months or more as part of the Institute’s Strategic Plan to ensure sustainable academic environment conducive for teaching and learning.

Barr. Mark Akunna Eze

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