Student Support Unit (SSU)

The Institute has equally set up the Student Support Unit (SSU). The creation of the SSU became necessary to enable students to cope and to help them overcome traumatic experiences which may affect their general academic pursuit or their total well-being. It is designed to cater for educational, vocational, personal, social, psychological, emotional and mental health challenges of the students. SSU is where the interests of students are prioritized.

These services are necessary in order to assist students to clearly define and actualise their personal, social, academic and occupational goals by providing group and individual services. These services are modelled to stimulate intellectual growth and emotional comportment as well as foster personal development goals. These goals can be attained through effective communication, leadership, interpersonal and social responsibility and other relevant skills which can be achieved through either individual or group counselling.

SSU will engage in services such as guidance, career counselling, marriage and family counselling, rehabilitation counselling, substance abuse counselling, educational counselling, emotional counselling and mental health therapy. The duties enumerated above continue to task counsellors, leading them to continually evolve therapeutic methods and processes to address the urgency of the varying situations presented before them. These services are accessible at SSU for students.