The Student Union Government


The Student Union Government (SUG), IMT Enugu seeks to serve students, staff, alumni and guest as the fulcrum of life on campus; to provide a supportive environment for a comprehensive program of cultural, educational, social, recreational and service activities; to cultivate leadership development in students; to provide appropriate facilities and services through the support of the school management for the diverse needs and activities of campus community; and to create a sense of community that fosters enduring loyalty to the institute.


The vision of the Students’ Union Government (SUG), IMT Enugu is to be the hub of student activity and to be among the nation’s premier unions in student development opportunities. The union is student–centered, student-accessible and student-friendly and seeks to attain excellence in all areas of human endeavor.

Our Goals

The goals of The Student Union Government, IMT ENUGU are to:

  • Provide a variety of services which are responsive to the diverse and constantly changing needs on campus;
  • Provide space for student organization and for student support activities;
  • Provide programs and activities which enhance personal development as a complement to academic experience;
  • Provide opportunities for student leadership development through student employment, boards, committees and volunteerism;
  • Preserve facilities for current and future generations of the institute’s students by practicing continuous high standard of maintenance, sustainability, refurbishment and renovation; and
  • Promote and maintain a strong mutual relationship between the management and the students through effective communication and feedback.